Amy Winehouse

It's not much that could be said about the sad ending to this story. In the interview below, What she said at the .58 mark is the way alot of artist who put their soul into this music thing feels. Her dream was fulfilled, but over too soon.


Asics On Acid...

Gel Noosa Tri 6

What can I say about these that hadn't already been said about other cool shit? I could see myself in these doing a 3k, well my first 3k cause I've never done one, but forget all that these shit's are dope...


The Melvin Thomas Experiment

Shoutout to my mans @TheMelvinThomas. Just got the cd in the mail! Fox with my people on his blog too http://themelvinthomas.com/. Remember when the first song I heard from him, he chopped up the Isley Bros jont and it was siiiiick, ask him to post that too! Fox with my people holmes.

Cheap ass Expensive Kicks...

I just copped these after blogging about how I was on some Tyrone Biggums- ish cause of these a few weeks ago and I noticed something crazy. These jonts come from the 08 pack when the retro's weren't coming single at the time. I think the other shoes were the 20's, but anyway, I copped the white 3's that came out a couple months ago and compared to the black cements from the 08 pack they fell like I'm wearing knock offs when I rock them while these feel like they have clouds on the inside. *maybe a little too much detail for a sneaker, but hey, I wanted em and they feel better so fuck your thoughts*
Overall, after the Concordes I think I may throw the towel in on J's unless they change this shit cause a nigga spend too much bread on these sneakers for 'em to be using cheaper material to further profits which are already through the roof. *see Nike stock, not Jordan Brand, but nike nigga*
Bout to be on my Chuck Taylor and Timberland shit for the winter cause in the immortal words of some great philosophers by the name of Hall and Oates, "I can't go for that... No can do"... #BLAH


Everybody Loves Chris Blake: Season 1 at 1000+ !

Still got a ways to go, but in the meantime it's cool! Overall, Videos in the works and more promotion and more music to come so stay on the lookout... Appreciation to current and future supporters! #BLAH

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All Production by Radikalous Productions
Artwork by Los Tha Scholar
Songs Written by Chris Blake, Rich Bum
Additional Instrumentation by Nahshon Benford and Jerry Jones