Where Are You Bleezy????

I look forward to this annual issue from XXL almost more than the Power 30 issue The Source puts out. First of all, you get to see the newest mainstream hopefuls who more than likely have been doing their thing underground for a few years or more, see Currensy. Secondly, you check for the rappers you haven't been hip to, to see what makes them stand out among the millions that are aiming for their spot. Whether you become a fan or not is up to you, but if you're like me, a music fiend that is, you want to know what is fresh in this game full of spoils.

Lastly, given six months to a year, we see who is going to last in this game we call "THE INDUSTRY". The title of the article alone, The Freshmen 10: Hip Hop Class of 09, puts major pressure on the legacy of an MC similar to that of sports stars, mainly basketball, where you're harshly judged for your first year in the big leagues based on all the hype about you prior to your arrival. After the large sum of marketing dollars are put to use and you're now introduced to a broader audience as opposed to the few that have followed you throughout your career, are you going to impress the people enough to make them get behind you? I wish these guys much sucess as I attempt to grace this cover one day myself: CHECK MY CAMPAIGN