Where Are You Bleezy????

I look forward to this annual issue from XXL almost more than the Power 30 issue The Source puts out. First of all, you get to see the newest mainstream hopefuls who more than likely have been doing their thing underground for a few years or more, see Currensy. Secondly, you check for the rappers you haven't been hip to, to see what makes them stand out among the millions that are aiming for their spot. Whether you become a fan or not is up to you, but if you're like me, a music fiend that is, you want to know what is fresh in this game full of spoils.

Lastly, given six months to a year, we see who is going to last in this game we call "THE INDUSTRY". The title of the article alone, The Freshmen 10: Hip Hop Class of 09, puts major pressure on the legacy of an MC similar to that of sports stars, mainly basketball, where you're harshly judged for your first year in the big leagues based on all the hype about you prior to your arrival. After the large sum of marketing dollars are put to use and you're now introduced to a broader audience as opposed to the few that have followed you throughout your career, are you going to impress the people enough to make them get behind you? I wish these guys much sucess as I attempt to grace this cover one day myself: CHECK MY CAMPAIGN


Cool Kicks- Air Max 90 King of the Mountain Speacial edition

The Air Max 90 are my second favorite sneakers from Nike next to the Air Max 95. These are special edition joints I copped a couple of months ago. These are definitely a sneaker collectors shoe with all this shit bein on the bottom that no one can see unless they're holding 'em, but hey! Only con about em is that the suede on the tip gets dirty easiy and you can't really clean it.

Btw, I didn't get mine from this site. Holla at my dude Kevin over at Sneak Peek Memphis for the fly attire. Click here for the Sneak Peek of Memphis Blog


Beat Breakdown: Disperse vs. Just Another Case

It's on you to find out who did the sample, but who freaked it better?

Consequence feat. GLC and Really Doe- Disperse


CRU- Just Another Case



Jungle Juice?

Ever wonder why Jungle Juice is only sold in tha HOOD? Think about it! lol


Cool Kicks

These retail for about $110.00. I never really owned a pair of official hightops, but these may have to be the first.


Speak On It Session 1

They say money is the root of all evil. I agree to an extent, but no money is more so the root off all evil being that people get desperate and do things they wouldn't normally do under certain circumstances. Think about it.


New Weird Al "Whatever You Like" song parody.

I'll be glad when Weird Al makes a parody to one of my tracks. That's when you got a #1 hit right there! lmao



Obama And 1 Mixtape

Forget a debate. Let him and the other guy go one on one at Rucker Park!!! lol

He really served in this game.


Do You Need a 4 Touchdowns 1 Game moment?

Al Bundy reenacting the best day in his life when he scored 4 touchdowns in 1 game back in high school. (See Pic)

By far, I'm not an advocate of living in the past, but under current circumstances as the economy goes 2 hell with gasoline boxers, i feel that everyone should have a "4 touchdowns 1 Game" moment in their life they can reflect on when times are bad. It doesn't have to be sports related,but hopefully after thinking about yours, it'll reassure you that something that cool will happen to you again so keep ya head up fam. What's your "4 touchdowns, 1 game" moment?


Tryin To Bring It Back Huh?

Members Only has been around since the early 80's and being that history repeats itself, at least style wise, I thought these were hot enough for me to rock.

To get a real vintage look, cop 'em at a thrift store. These are the only two I'm workin with right now. What am I going wear with this green one? Help me out fam!!!


Dre is home!!!!!!!!!

Today I picked up my brother from Forrest City, AR after finishing a 16yr bid. He's back on the town ready to get this money! (LEGALLY BY THE WAY) Pics coming soon.



New Interview with Hyphaze Magazine

My name even made the front cover! I would've been better on tha cover then those other guys, but it gets greater later! lol- Shout out to Shariee Jones!


Palin could get the business, but I don't think she knows the business.

Only thing missing from that discussion was a "BRUH, You know what I'm sayin damn fool!" lol


7th year aniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

I'd like to end this day of blogging by paying repsect to those who lost their lives on 09/11/01. Also, love goes out to the family members, loved ones and surviors.


Art Beats + Lyrics in Jackson, MS

Art Beats + Lyrics is an art show that travels the country hitting select cities. It showcases art in a fashion that has never really been done before, or at least to my knowledge, with live performances, mostly hip hop influenced, hip hop driven art and it's sponsored by Jack Daniels which is definitely a plus for me (Let's get messed up!)). This past weekend the event was held in Jackson, MS and brought out 1,100. The last event, which I attended in ATL, brought out 3,300. Here a few pics below. Enjoy!!!