They found Mr. Turner!!


And Now looks like shits still the same...

"I was drinking but i damn sho wasn't driving"



Stop beeotching, it's funny! Check instructional video, then #plank ya ass off!


"I Want You" -Marvin Gaye

Now that I look back, I had these a couple of times on the re realease tip and each time it took all of 2-3 months before I started hooping in em as if there weren't to cherished. But Fuck all that, I need these in my life asap. Copped the white's III's a couple back only cause I couldn't get my hands on you, but it's not fulfilling. Please, come back! Come baaaack!

(Yes, I'm talking about a pair of shoes as if it's an ex girl, but "iDon't Care")


The Artist, The Myth, The Mystery


Link above features a story by Entertainment Tonight on Prince from September 26, 1988. Couldn't embed due to the YouTube settings, but read below

In this day and age with everybody being attention whores and an influx of artist, well, people taking their hobby to the forefront causing over saturation in the game, these days are gone. Pretty much meaning Internet+Music = no more privacy for the most part. Overall, this was intriguing due to the fact that his Purple Majesty managed to be one of the biggest entertainers w/o ever doing interviews! Really, he hardly ever did interviews even at his peak. Type "prince interview" in YouTube and you won't find hardly anything. Off course we all know times have changed and there's no need to dwell on what was cause "that ain't what it is" anymore, but you gotta reminisce sometimes and who better to use an example than the royalty that is Prince Rogers Nelson. Maybe the greatest introverted artist of all time. As a hip hop artist in this day and age it appears to be impossible to be The Man, The Myth, and The Mystery but hey, it may still be possible while maintaining your stature as one of the hottest. We will see.

Side note: Check Nelson George at 2:20, been talking shit about musicians since '88 ha Ha.