New Video tomorrow

New Vid dropping tomorrow at 3:35. "AllThatIWantOutOfLife"


Been So Long...

Lot's has happened since our last post. Music related, some, life related, a lot. The blog's approaching it's 4th year in existence believe it or not and it feels like progression has been made since the first post, but not enough in my opinion. While sparring the blog of frivolous details as to why, the only thing to do is continue on with the movement. Since the first day the passion turned into a potential way to make a living, it was told to me that the game is a sprint and not a marathon (This goes for anything being pursued in life). Therefore, in the immortal words of a great philosopher that was given the title of The Most Interesting Man in the World, "STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS", and I'll continue to do the same.