Digging through some old pictures and found the old cover to the project before it had to undergo a facelift. #memories


There She Goes, There She Goes Again...

I always thought the Smashing Pumpkins sung this, but it's The La's. One of those you heard, but don't know who sings it songs. I know I'm not the only one...


365 Memphians Post from ilovememphisblog.com

Shoutout to Kerri for the photo. Check out the rest of the story HERE courtesty of ilovememphisblog.com


And the headline said "Mata Security Officer vs. Thug"

This is mad old, but everytime I see this fight I get a good laugh and not because of the "post fight interviews", but at how the security dude got hands like that! It also serves as a reminder to take some boxing classes so I look this good on camera just in case something went down and got recorded cause low key tho, I don't think I'm that skilled fam lol. On another note, I'd rather see this go down than a shooting any day.


Random: The Real Joe Clark

One day I got curious and wondered how the real Joe Clark looked. Didn't know the nigga made TIME magazine tho!


Ol' Dirt Dog No Liar!

If yean know I'm a big Ol Dirty Bastard fan so when I seen this shirt it was a must cop. Hell, even performed in it! Got mine from Urban Outfitters early this spring so I'm sure you may have to dig around the net to find one. Overall, "Brooklyn Zoo" is still played on 10!


One of My favorite episodes...Ever!

I could see this being snatched soon so, uh, check it out. Double click the play button.


Amy Winehouse

It's not much that could be said about the sad ending to this story. In the interview below, What she said at the .58 mark is the way alot of artist who put their soul into this music thing feels. Her dream was fulfilled, but over too soon.


Asics On Acid...

Gel Noosa Tri 6

What can I say about these that hadn't already been said about other cool shit? I could see myself in these doing a 3k, well my first 3k cause I've never done one, but forget all that these shit's are dope...


The Melvin Thomas Experiment

Shoutout to my mans @TheMelvinThomas. Just got the cd in the mail! Fox with my people on his blog too http://themelvinthomas.com/. Remember when the first song I heard from him, he chopped up the Isley Bros jont and it was siiiiick, ask him to post that too! Fox with my people holmes.

Cheap ass Expensive Kicks...

I just copped these after blogging about how I was on some Tyrone Biggums- ish cause of these a few weeks ago and I noticed something crazy. These jonts come from the 08 pack when the retro's weren't coming single at the time. I think the other shoes were the 20's, but anyway, I copped the white 3's that came out a couple months ago and compared to the black cements from the 08 pack they fell like I'm wearing knock offs when I rock them while these feel like they have clouds on the inside. *maybe a little too much detail for a sneaker, but hey, I wanted em and they feel better so fuck your thoughts*
Overall, after the Concordes I think I may throw the towel in on J's unless they change this shit cause a nigga spend too much bread on these sneakers for 'em to be using cheaper material to further profits which are already through the roof. *see Nike stock, not Jordan Brand, but nike nigga*
Bout to be on my Chuck Taylor and Timberland shit for the winter cause in the immortal words of some great philosophers by the name of Hall and Oates, "I can't go for that... No can do"... #BLAH


Everybody Loves Chris Blake: Season 1 at 1000+ !

Still got a ways to go, but in the meantime it's cool! Overall, Videos in the works and more promotion and more music to come so stay on the lookout... Appreciation to current and future supporters! #BLAH

To Download Click HERE ...

You can also get it on DatPiff !!!

All Production by Radikalous Productions
Artwork by Los Tha Scholar
Songs Written by Chris Blake, Rich Bum
Additional Instrumentation by Nahshon Benford and Jerry Jones


They found Mr. Turner!!


And Now looks like shits still the same...

"I was drinking but i damn sho wasn't driving"



Stop beeotching, it's funny! Check instructional video, then #plank ya ass off!


"I Want You" -Marvin Gaye

Now that I look back, I had these a couple of times on the re realease tip and each time it took all of 2-3 months before I started hooping in em as if there weren't to cherished. But Fuck all that, I need these in my life asap. Copped the white's III's a couple back only cause I couldn't get my hands on you, but it's not fulfilling. Please, come back! Come baaaack!

(Yes, I'm talking about a pair of shoes as if it's an ex girl, but "iDon't Care")


The Artist, The Myth, The Mystery


Link above features a story by Entertainment Tonight on Prince from September 26, 1988. Couldn't embed due to the YouTube settings, but read below

In this day and age with everybody being attention whores and an influx of artist, well, people taking their hobby to the forefront causing over saturation in the game, these days are gone. Pretty much meaning Internet+Music = no more privacy for the most part. Overall, this was intriguing due to the fact that his Purple Majesty managed to be one of the biggest entertainers w/o ever doing interviews! Really, he hardly ever did interviews even at his peak. Type "prince interview" in YouTube and you won't find hardly anything. Off course we all know times have changed and there's no need to dwell on what was cause "that ain't what it is" anymore, but you gotta reminisce sometimes and who better to use an example than the royalty that is Prince Rogers Nelson. Maybe the greatest introverted artist of all time. As a hip hop artist in this day and age it appears to be impossible to be The Man, The Myth, and The Mystery but hey, it may still be possible while maintaining your stature as one of the hottest. We will see.

Side note: Check Nelson George at 2:20, been talking shit about musicians since '88 ha Ha.


Computer Love

Well, my computer's been going raw dog and contracted something that caused instant death so the kid will be out of commission for a few until my new jont gets here. Mac-in sooner than later, but til then, keep spreading the word on Everybody Loves Chris Blake: Season 1 and holla at me on twitter.com/chrisblakeworld


Best... Game... Ever

Well, maybe not ever but it was dAMn good. Not really a big NBA fan so that makes me a Grizzly fan by default, and last night's game was the shit!!! To be there was even better cause when the whole stadium got quiet I was still cheering, but who gives a shit about the sole Grizz fan in the nose bleeds so there were no altercations lol! Anyway, hoping the home team takes it all tomorrow. Go Grizz!


If you around, come thru!

Just got added yesterday hittin' the stage at 12:15 Everybody Loves Chris Blakes cd's and samples of my new condom line called Raw Dog Shawty for the free 99. See you there...


"Dey Call Me" video shoot Pics

Shot this last week with my guy Parker Hays and his team. Actual jont coming soon...

By The Way, Everybody Loves Chris Blake drops 4.20.11


Everybody Loves Chris Blake: Season 1 RELEASE 4.20.11!!!

1st off, appreciation to everybody that still supports that Chris Blake music during this hiatus. The independent grind is a special kind, but hey, it comes with the territory. So with that being said, the wait will be over on this day!

got new songs posted on FACEBOOK.


Dipt courtesey of dipt NYC

Received these from one of the Chris Blake supporters and had to show love for the love shown and cuz I fucks with the designs, of course! Check out the blog and go shop with my people here diptNYC .



Long Live The Kang!

This the screen saver on my phone right now. Largely cause I have all of his albums and laugh at em like Ive never heard em before. Wish I could find something similar with Carlin or Bernie Mac's image, but til then... RIP Richard Pryor

*Sidenote*- Use to be an advertisement where these words are located, but y'all don't sponsor me beeeotch


"It Get Greater Later"

YouTube Video

While in TX on New Year's Eve ran into this homeless guy selling flowers at one of my favorite places, you guess, and after kickin' shit with him for a sec decided to record him cause he seemed so happy despit his situation. Toward the end of the video he had these words of wisdom to share. Excuse the quality, shot it with my iPhone!

This marks the beginning of "The Chris Blake Chronicles"