Best... Game... Ever

Well, maybe not ever but it was dAMn good. Not really a big NBA fan so that makes me a Grizzly fan by default, and last night's game was the shit!!! To be there was even better cause when the whole stadium got quiet I was still cheering, but who gives a shit about the sole Grizz fan in the nose bleeds so there were no altercations lol! Anyway, hoping the home team takes it all tomorrow. Go Grizz!


If you around, come thru!

Just got added yesterday hittin' the stage at 12:15 Everybody Loves Chris Blakes cd's and samples of my new condom line called Raw Dog Shawty for the free 99. See you there...


"Dey Call Me" video shoot Pics

Shot this last week with my guy Parker Hays and his team. Actual jont coming soon...

By The Way, Everybody Loves Chris Blake drops 4.20.11


Everybody Loves Chris Blake: Season 1 RELEASE 4.20.11!!!

1st off, appreciation to everybody that still supports that Chris Blake music during this hiatus. The independent grind is a special kind, but hey, it comes with the territory. So with that being said, the wait will be over on this day!

got new songs posted on FACEBOOK.